Textiles Techniques du Midi ISO 9001

3v supporting evidences

loyalty never
denied by his customers.

certification of
the company ISO 9001 s since
on 2008 for the set(group) of his(her,its)

The real concern to forge ahead by it
s organized of it standard
. TTM is precursory in
its activity sector.

The reasons of a known success : A very strong industrial crop

In the field of " the state-of-the-art technological small business sector " and in answer to specifications emanating from contractors, most of the time prestigious, there is no place for improvisation.

6 principles base the approach of T.T.M. :

1 Assure, permanently, a mission of the industrial day before concerning technical fabrics

2 Be in an approach of favoring service provider exchanges with the teams customers

3 Be > implied in the design of the project : most upstream possible

4 Argue " in fashion project " , on the basis of a specifications for every application

5 Systematize the manufacturing of one trial prototype

6 Respect the rule : " just in time, well straight off "